11/29/18 Jeffrey is now being managed by Shelley Pina of Golden Pineapple Entertainment

8/15/17 Jeffrey has now finished the Advanced level of improv at The Groundlings School.

8/14/17 Jeffrey completed Commercial Acting 201 with Bill Coelius.

5/22/17 Filming for I Married A Murderer is now complete!

4/9/17 Jeffrey has been cast as Eric Bechler, a man who killed his wife while vacationing on their boat, in another episode of Bellum Entertainment's I Married A Murderer.  Filming will begin on April 10th.

4/7/17 Jeffrey started classes at The Anthony Meindl Actor's Workshop.

4/4/17 Jeffrey completed Commercial Acting 101 with Bill Coelius.

2/9/17 Jeffrey began taking classes at The Ivana Chubbuck Studio.

2/7/17 Jeffrey is now represented commercially by Blake Viglione from Aqua Talent.

1/13/17  Brand New Website!!

8/2/16 M is for Mariachi is featured in Drafthouse Films' ABC's of Death 2.5 and is now available to rent on Vimeo.

3/3/16   Jeffrey is now taking improvisation classes at the Groundlings School.  He is currently in their core training program.

2/7/16  Butt Cutz is finished and can now be viewed here!

1/13/16  Jeffrey has booked a role in the Funny or Die video entitled Butt Cutz.  It is a commercial parody of the popular 90’s hairstyle.  He plays a nerd who gets a hilarious butt cut makeover.

12/17/15  Filming for Blurred is complete!

12/9/15 Jeffrey has booked the role of Jerry in Blurred a short film being directed by Markel Hill.  Jerry is an extremely shy police officer who needs to be told by a psychiatrist to socialize with his coworkers.  He then is forced to choose between their friendship and remaining an honest officer of the law.

12/4/15  Filming for Reunion is complete.

11/5/15  Jeffrey has booked the role of Travis in Reunion a drama directed by Kunlin Wang. Travis is a gay soldier who is afraid to tell his parents.  His boyfriend pressures him into attending a family reunion, where he will have to face this fear.

6/4/15  Filming for S.A.S.S. (Short Attention Span Science) is complete!

6/2/15  Jeffrey has booked the role of Copernicus in S.A.S.S. (Short Attention Span Science) a pilot being produced by Karga 7 for The Science Channel!

4/8/15  Filming for Geeked Up is complete.

3/23/15  Jeffrey has booked the role of Shane Mosby in Geeked Up a comedy directed by Theo James and produced by Melinda Graves.  Shane is a nerdy comic book store owner who has to throw a party to raise money for his younger sisters medical condition.

11/14/14  Jeffrey has been cast as The Boy in The Little Theater’s The Giving Tree, inspired by Shel Silverstein’s famous story.  He plays The Boy in all four stages of his life from childhood to old age.  performances areSaturdays and Sundays at 11am until the end of December. 

10/15/14  Jeffrey has relocated to Los Angeles to further pursue his acting career!